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Ayahuasca is a brew made from the Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis plants. Taking Ayahuasca leads to an altered level of consciousness due to psychoactive substances in the ingredients.

According to current research, Ayahuasca may protect brain cells and stimulate neural cell growth. It may also boost mood, improve mindfulness, and treat depression and addiction disorders, though more research is needed to confirm these effects.

Taking Ayahuasca can result in serious side effects, as it can interact with many medications and may worsen some medical conditions. Those with medical conditions should not seek symptom relief by participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony.



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Bottled ayahuasca is an entheogenic brew that is prepared out of the banisteriopsis cappi vine and some other ingredients.
DMT is responsible for the dreams in REM rest unconscious.  This means that when the person falls asleep, meditate, the brain begins to secrete the chemical equivalent of DMT in ayahuasca and thus, the person feels like dreaming.
The effects of the ayahuasca tea are similar to the dreaming but with the full awareness of the content and helps them to provide sound sleep.
Used for:
The drink ayahuasca for the treatment of various medical problems like:
• Psychological disorders
• Depression

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The major side effect on the human body of the drug are:

Precautions | Buy Ayahuasca Kit | best Psychedelic Sale Store online

also, a person with heart problems must avoid the use as it could worsen the problem. The addition of other ingredients to the drug can lead to death as well.

Just as the DMT present in the drink Ayahuasca, our own brain naturally produces and secretes the substance DMT and the mind is responsible for night dreams. That is, when a person falls asleepmeditate with yoga, your brain begins to secrete a chemical equivalent of DMT in ayahuasca, which acts as if the person’s dreaming. The side effect of drinking Ayahuasca, then, is like experiencing a dream, but we are awake, lucid dreams. Feeling the effects of ayahuasca, is like dreaming, but with full awareness of the content of the images and emotional content that stain sleep. That is, access to infinite information contained in our sub-conscious or spiritual world… Read more on what is ayahuasca here or watch the top ayahuasca documentaries.  Before you ever consider doing an ayahuasca ceremony, you have to read the preparation guide.

It will bring you to peace and a feeling of unity with the liquid Ayahuasca, and sending you the benefits you’re seeking. The brewing with the molecular structure is modified with power of love, peace and unity and this is the secret.


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