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Buah Vape Pen


The Buah 900mah vape battery features three different temperature  settings ideal for 510 thread cartridges. A 510 usb charger is also included for convenience. This vape is one of our most affordable and versatile among our inventory.



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This product is a brand of BUAH and it is an awesome one to lay your hands on. It has a lot of amazing features that make it very unique and also gives you a long-lasting, fulfilling, and stress-free vaping experience.

Its battery comes with a charger for oil and it is also powerful and strong for a good vaping experience. Buah vape Pen has the feature of a magnetic tip, a Quarts coil, it uses a Li-Ion Battery, it comes with a USB chamber, and also a Quartz chamber. The product is of very great quality and it is one of the top-ranking vape pens in the market.

More to, Stylish and modern with a hint of classical flair, Buah vaporizers combine a unique blend of style and performance packed into a number of top-selling vaporizers.

The Buah 4-in-1 vaporizer, for example, is highly versatile, allowing users to enjoy dry herb, waxes and even liquids. Simple to use, this model is perfect for both beginners and regular vapers alike.

Never disappointing, consider the Pipe Vape Battery, taking on a classical tobacco “pipe” design, retrofitted to utilize all of your favorite vaping cartridges. Modern technology meets classical design with this vaporizer, featuring an impressively large battery ready to tackle your daily vaping sessions.

How do you charge a Buah Vape Pen?

The correct way to charge your battery is to use a laptop or a standard 5 volt black charger that you plug into the wall.


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